Spread Hope

Hi, my name is Anirban Saren.

I believe that what the world needs now is hope. I believe that hope can inspire existing beings to move forward in life.

I also believe that hope is not a concept. It’s a miracle. It’s not within our control. It’s given to us in ways we can’t understand.

I believe hope is when a suicidal person is convinced to give life a second chance. It’s when a bullied kid finds the courage to fight back. It’s when a person decides to follow her dreams and listen to her heart and so on.

I stand for hope.

And I want to spread hope. Hope has helped me tremendously in my short life to date and it keeps helping me every day.

I think spreading hope by sharing stories from my life inspires most people.

So I share my stories to spread hope.

Maybe my unique story can help people find hope because stories can change lives.

And since writing came naturally to me and I like it, I am writing a blog here.

I hope I can inspire you to be a vessel for hope when it comes to you.

Anirban Saren : man face beard