5 Ways To Fight The Casteism

In this post I speak about 5 Ways To Fight The Casteism and how I fight it in my life.

When I was a child, I had to face a lot of bullying and I even though I hated it, I could not fight back because the idea of casteism and I being lower than people of higher castes made a damaging impression on my mind.

My whole school life was filled with discrimination. When I was in an elite school in Class 11 I had to face casteism because of my name. “Saren? What religion are you from?” “Was your mother a different religion(higher caste)? Did they marry in inter religious way?” They would be so ignorant.

Also the non-verbal casteism is huge, They won’t tell me on my face but they would be partial. Even before I applied for an audition, I would be looked down upon. Is it because of my name? Maybe. Is it because of my face? Could be. Is it because of my timidity? Of course. But the reason I became timid was because of this casteism prevalent in society.

The class teacher would say aloud in class that SC,ST,OBC people are taking away their seats. They would humiliate me.

In coaching classes for engineering, other classmates would isolate me, stay away from me, even try to make fun of me, bully me. This is just a fraction of the real discrimination. I could go on and on.

The point is I have learnt to face it and I want to tell you 5 things that will help you fight casteism. They are:

  1. Know What You Want And Smoke Everyone
  2. Be A Role Model And Help Others Who Need It
  3. Surround Yourself With People In Your Community And Powerbase
  4. Don’t Settle For Comfort, Use Your Opportunities To Fly With The Stars, Empower Your Community, It’s Your Duty
  5. Believe In Yourself To Live In Alignment With The Truth, Have Your Own Spirituality

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