Why Find Meaning In Life?

My story

I remember I was sitting alone after watching adult movies and playing zombie video games. I was not proud of it but I felt like I had to watch it because I was frustrated with my victimhood. 

It was many years ago. I had no direction in life. I was looking at the lake beside my apartment and I was lost. 

I was in a dark phase of my life. I was lost.

Now when I look back, I feel empathy for that person not because he was wasting his life, but because he had no meaning in his life. He had no love in him. 

Meaning Is Created

Meaning is created. It is not something inherent in things. It is a mental creation. And it could be different for everyone. 

What I wanted was an uplifting meaning. A hope of a better future in fighting myself, my own enemy.

I was in that dark place because I felt hopeless about my own nature. I thought my own nature stopped me from achieving success. I wanted to meet more people but I was afraid to approach people. I wanted to become a leader but I was afraid to assert my own voice. I wanted to do many amazing things, have friends, have a girlfriend, start a business,etc. But I was afraid to do them. And I thought I could not do them because I was afraid of them.

I was in self-pity and I thought I just could not do that. I thought I was permanently screwed and because I was labelled as an introvert from childhood, I would stay that way.

But after going through a suicide attempt and 3 psychotic episodes that change my life, I realized that I needed help. I needed real help from a successful leader, not a psychologist. 

And I found my mentor and I overcame my problems in a matter of months. 

I gained courage and I was able to find meaning. I was able to join college, make friends in the hospital, start my business, etc.

The fact is meaning can be found only through consciously reflecting on your life. I was able to find meaning with the help of Grant Cardone, my mentor and I was able to find out that I am only a commitment away from what I want. My mentor’s knowledge is with me and that’s enough to outrun every one of the haters and naysayers.

I found a father figure in my mentor and I believe in myself. My meaning is that I can have social impact with the help of sales training and facing my fears. I am now free from all the negative habits and I believe that I can really do amazing things in life.

Now It’s Your Turn

Meaning is created and it is something that you can create. I did it with the help of my mentor, you need to find your mentor and find a way.

Life is difficult and you need to find meaning and the faster you do that the better. 

So please comment what meaning can you create for your life to be better?

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