How To Help And Care For People


I have friends whom I met in college who have problems. I mean real problems. I don’t want to say it in public but the problems are practical problems that require time and energy to solve. 

One day I came across such a problem and I was really confused. I asked myself how my problems could be so less serious than hers. I mean she is still facing it. She is not at home crying and whining about life. 

One problem would be solved and another would emerge. Although there is nothing wrong with problems but the fact that it made me feel like my problems were not big. It made me feel inferior. 

For a moment I would start judging my friends, but then I would remind myself that they were my friends. They were just like me. Even though I had conquered my past problems, I still have problems just like them. And the fact that they were talking about it was like a permission for me to talk about my problems as well. 

I mean they never invalidated my problems. I could do what I want and not be judged. And I believe this is the importance of helping and caring for people. 

You will come across people and their problems. And most of the time, it may seem that you could just give them the solution but it’s an emotional game. It’s about action and not a mental solution.

This may make you feel negative for a moment because of your judgements but you have to stay positive. No matter how serious the other person’s problems are, you have to stay positive. Because it’s about emotions and actions. 

How To Overcome Depression

This is what got me out of depression-

  1. Surrounding myself with good people
  2. Helping them
  3. Taking inventory of my thoughts and actions
  4. Staying positive

Because honestly you can surround yourself with people who have problems but if you don’t understand them, you will not truly solve their problems. And taking inventory or introspection is required to truly stay positive. 

I have talked about meeting positive people in the previous post and I believe that it is necessary to meet positive people by being positive yourself. Then you can help them and solve their problems by making them positive by staying positive yourself first. And then the cycle continues.

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How did I overcome depression?
1. Surrounded myself with those that I love
2. Making music despite not having the inspiration
3. Crying
4. Doing the things that I love the most, i.e. writing personal blogs, making music, reading books
5. Listening to people with their stories, to the point of helping them through their depression – the person who overcome their depression, will become your strength
6. In general, helping people

Awesome Chris! I love that. Helping others who have been through the same difficulties give us strength and bring people together. Stay motivated and keep creating music. Can’t wait to hear from from you.😊 #CGForever

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