How To Meet Positive People

Why do people leave? Why is life temporary? I was asking myself almost everyday. I was back in West Bengal and I wanted to go back to the hospital to meet my friends most of whom had left. Everyone left. I also left and then there were only memories left. I felt like life was more than just friends and family but about something higher. I felt a pain in my chest and although it was not physical pain, this pain was spiritual in nature. I wish I could reverse time. But I knew I couldn’t. 

I had gone to the hospital and I met many amazing people there with other mental illnesses. And we became friends. We did everything together-playing, talking, laughing, crying and even expressing our flaws. We became close and we thought this was life. But 2 months passed and reality hit hard. We were back to the “real” world. 

Why I am telling you this series of events is that I want to show you that positivity is not in the people but in yourself. I was in spiritual pain because I thought about death and why all is one and why spiritual people are mostly vegan, just kidding. I was confused. I wrote songs and played sad songs because I knew time cannot be reversed.

I want to show you how I dealt with this problem because people are required to live a complete life. I learnt how to meet positive people the hard way. I want to show you how you can avoid the spiritual pain of loneliness by attracting positive people in your life.

Positive people are all around the world and you need to be a beacon of light that attracts other positive people. Not chasing but attracting positive people is the right goal. Because you don’t know who is truly positive unless you understand them. Truth is you don’t need positive people but people who will bring out the positive in yourself. You need people with similar values who will empower you and you will empower them. But that can’t happen if you start looking because you can’t look for positive people but only what society calls positive.

I have found positive people in my life because I choose to stay positive. You can search for successful people in marketing, spirituality, sports, gaming, etc. but you can’t judge people too quickly. I search for successful people in marketing and spirituality and I listen to their message because most successful people are also positive. That’s how I attract positive people in my life. 

In any conversation with people I express my quirky passions even if they will weird me out. But that’s how I know who is worthy of my time. And who is deep enough to understand me and support me. And I also see if they have similar values to mine. 

Look, before finding positive people I worked on finding my values. I did a 25 hours course in class 11 to know my values. Then I started my blog and youtube channel to focus on my goals. I did not think about finding “positive people”. I attracted them.

This is not a law of attraction thing. But a real physical action. You can do it too. Here’s how I frame it-

  1. Find out what you want
  2. Do what you want
  3. You will attract people who are as serious as you

I want to warn you that it’s going to be hard. And if you have depression like I did, it’s going to be 10 times harder. But it works. It is simple and it will change your life. But it is an ongoing process. What you want always gets refined and your actions become more polished. You learn new skills and you start succeeding. Inevitably you fail most of the time but the success is more satisfying.

When you don’t find what you want and do what you want then you will feel spiritual pain and that’s not pleasant. 

So find out what you want, do what you want and girls will flock to you, no no, people I mean. Lol. I’m just kidding. Please like this post and comment how you can execute this action so that you can eliminate anxiety and other problems and meet more positive people.

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