The Easiest Motivation Truth Questions

The easiest motivation trick is included in this post. 

I thought I could just trust the medication and get better. It was 2 years ago when I was still depressed. And I was just hoping that the right medication would change my conditions. But it didn’t. In fact I gained weight and I slept more.

It was the day when I realized that I am not my mind and my body. I mean it was a realization and I committed to find the truth right now. No more waiting for the guru. And I started by asking,”What is the one thing closest to the truth?” And I realized it was imagination. 

I also realized that I was not free from my mind or my body. I realized if I wanted something, and my body wanted something, those are different.

“Imagination is the only truth”, I said and I was going through life experimenting. I was testing if everything had it’s truth in imagination. Sadly I realized imagination was a part of consciousness. And so I changed it to “Consciousness is the only truth”. And I started experimenting. 

This process made me participate in life and society more fully. I was able to motivate myself from the inside. I was feeling fullness in myself. The emptiness was gone. 

Although I have always been obsessed with truth, right now I don’t think about truth because I realized that my quest for truth was not something I could complete by thinking. I instead focus on the question “What do I want?” And the answer is not direct. It is subtle. And it is one word,”SOCIAL”. I want to master my social skills, help people, change people’s lives, meet more people etc.

The reason I told you this is to show you that our attention could be used in more productive things like the deep questions of life. And it will help you live a more fulfilling life. And it surely motivates you. 

You may think it is not easy to ask yourself existential questions but I assure you there is no easier way than this. No pill can motivate you. Only conscious effort can do that. But you can also dig deep in your own consciousness and find your purpose.

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A few, and yet, only one.
Who am I? Why am I such an anomaly compared to the rest of the world?
Why are my talents far exceeding my family’s when not one of my family members are musically inclined? How is it possible that I’m the only one who has music?

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