The Most Direct Motivation System For You

My Journey

I remember I was thinking if I should move my hands, or stand up or write. I was going through a feeling of terror. I felt like people would kill me if I made a move. I still remember I was so afraid that I was constantly saying to myself “I love you” because it was the only thing that was giving me relief. I was in a psychotic phase.

I don’t know how it happened. Maybe it’s because of losing sleep(insomnia) but I was terrified. I was taken to Bangalore and it was here that I discovered the Hare Krishna Mantra. And instead of repeating random things to hold on to, I repeated the Hare Krishna Mantra.

I also had anxiety and depression for 5 years, went through 3 psychotic episodes and went through a suicide attempt. The mantra helped me overcome my anxiety and led me to my mentor who helped me overcome my depression. 

Now I think if only I had the mantra and mentor I would have saving myself from the suffering. Although what is suffering to me, may not be suffering to you. But I understand anyone’s situation when other people are not the enemy but you are your own enemy.

I was my own enemy and I overcame myself through mantra chanting and found a role model. Only after doing those things was I able to trust myself. The truth is most people trust themselves, even though they should not be trusting themselves. 

Mental Health Motivation System

So I have created a motivation system to win yourself. And it applied to anything you are going through, whether it is depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc. 

The system is two part-

  1. Surrender
  2. Taking action

It’s very simple. For me I have surrendered through mantra chanting and I took action through finding my role model and following their advice. It’s one of the easiest ways for anyone who is anxious and also feeling depressed. 

The surrender method is-

  1. Ask yourself,”What is most empowering?”
  2. Then repeat the mantra about the empowering thing.

I understand that there are many other ways to surrender. Some people can just surrender in a second and others find it difficult to do it. My method is simple and it could help you.

The taking action method is-

  1. Ask yourself,”Who can help me reach my goal?”
  2. Then follow their advice.

I know this is simple. But this is what got me out of my anxiety and depression. 

Of course medication goes hand in hand but without motivation, it will not make you stronger. It’s not about getting better but getting incredible. It’s about becoming motivated so that the need for medication is reduced slowly. 

Honestly I am getting better at a fast rate and my doctors are reducing the medication too. And this is because of this system. Surrender and take action/ Mantra chanting and following your mentor. 

So I hope you find this system helpful. Please comment how do you want to surrender and take action?

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