What Is The Magic Formula To Overcome Depression?

The magic formula to overcome depression is written in this post.

I can help you because I have overcome my own depression. I don’t have a psychology degree or a certificate. But I have done it myself.

I used mantra chanting, immersing myself in positive content from my role model and finding my purpose in life. But that’s not the secret. The secret is the magnitude to which I did those. 

When I say the word magnitude I mean massive action. That’s the only way.

I can understand if you think that life is about balance because I have been there. But honestly that did not work for me.

I am just saying what worked really well for me. And it has not only helped me overcome depression but also made me motivated to achieve my goals. 

I never thought I could start my t-shirt business. But I did. I never thought I could make friends. But I did that in college. I have done a lot of things I thought I could not do.

It’s not about the technique itself. But the execution. The level of action is more important than the action itself.

For example, you want to lose weight. The only reason you would not get what you want because you are not taking massive action. Now this could be a passion problem. Maybe you think weight is not your passion. But passion is something you can induce.

You could have a concrete goal, measure it everyday and move towards it. But the magnitude has to be massive.

Now I know it’s too much to take in in one post but this is the fact. Unless you tap into your true motivations, you will not be fueled enough to take massive action. And massive action is the only way.

I remember I would chant all day and even get tired but I had nothing else to do except negative thinking. It helped me overcome my social anxiety, complete my schooling, go to college, make friends,etc. But it was only possible because I took massive action.

Although now I feel like chanting is not required since I have overcome my anxiety a lot, it is still a precious gift to me. Now when I get anxious I remember why I started. I want the truth. That’s my true motivation.

I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. But I have overcome my life’s depression and found meaning. I may not know how you can overcome your depression but I know that massive action is the secret. It’s the magic formula.

The magic formula is to create massive self-motivation and take massive action. That’s the magic formula.

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What is your true motivator to take massive action?

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