Imagination is more important than knowledge

My Dream Yesterday night I had a dream. It was about some fantasy but it was beautiful and very creative.  When I woke up, I thought which mattered more. The dream or the “reality”? I have dreams like these every week or so. And they are so amazing. It feels like some higher power wants […]

5 Ways To Fight The Casteism

In this post I speak about 5 Ways To Fight The Casteism and how I fight it in my life. When I was a child, I had to face a lot of bullying and I even though I hated it, I could not fight back because the idea of casteism and I being lower than […]

Why Find Meaning In Life?

My story I remember I was sitting alone after watching adult movies and playing zombie video games. I was not proud of it but I felt like I had to watch it because I was frustrated with my victimhood.  It was many years ago. I had no direction in life. I was looking at the […]

Read this if you are not able to sleep properly

If you are not able to sleep properly, then read this. I really don’t know how to share with you the pain of not being able to sleep. There was a time when I couldn’t sleep for 3 days straight and I felt like I was losing my mind and couldn’t read or understand what […]

The Easiest Motivation Truth Questions

The easiest motivation trick is included in this post.  I thought I could just trust the medication and get better. It was 2 years ago when I was still depressed. And I was just hoping that the right medication would change my conditions. But it didn’t. In fact I gained weight and I slept more. […]

How To Keep Your Mind Busy

Your mind is not your friend. When you are going to difficult times and you know it’s because of the decisions you made, then it’s time to know that your mind is not your friend. I remember my mother telling me to chant the Hare Krishna mantra 3 times everyday. And I was like, I […]

Why Medication Is Not A Bad Thing

Mental illness is not a motivation problem. It is like any disease- malaria, fever, cold, thyroid, broken knee,etc. If you take medication when you have fever, why not take medication when you have a mental illness? I would say to myself I don’t want medication. Even if I am worse, I will fix my depression […]

The Most Direct Motivation System For You

My Journey I remember I was thinking if I should move my hands, or stand up or write. I was going through a feeling of terror. I felt like people would kill me if I made a move. I still remember I was so afraid that I was constantly saying to myself “I love you” […]

How To Help And Care For People

Friends I have friends whom I met in college who have problems. I mean real problems. I don’t want to say it in public but the problems are practical problems that require time and energy to solve.  One day I came across such a problem and I was really confused. I asked myself how my […]

What Is The Magic Formula To Overcome Depression?

The magic formula to overcome depression is written in this post. I can help you because I have overcome my own depression. I don’t have a psychology degree or a certificate. But I have done it myself. I used mantra chanting, immersing myself in positive content from my role model and finding my purpose in […]