The Only Thing More Powerful Than Death

The reason I am sharing this idea with you is if you are going through depression or any mental health issues, then it could be a reminder to take steps to overcome depression and not feel hopeless.

I could use the word “love” but I have not experienced the truth of it yet.

But what’s true in my experience is that death is the most powerful thing. But movies like the Titanic, friends who have been in love, inspiring stories of love,etc. make me think differently.

I mean it’s so beautiful that someone can stare death in the eye and refuse to be afraid before death.

As you know that in Titanic, the ship was sinking and Jack, Rose’s beloved, was hand-cuffed and trapped in a room in the ship and if Rose would not rescue him, he would sink with the ship.

In the end of the movie, Rose survives and Jack freezes and sinks in the ocean. And it’s all sad and I feel teary eyes.

But in my and your life, we had moments when we were at a turning point with a choice of going after what our heart wants and what society wanted was to do. In those moments, we sometimes choose our heart wants even if it means to suffer greatly or even face the unknown or death.

This is what is more powerful than death. To follow your heart, to follow love, to face the unknown is more powerful than death itself.

Depression, social anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, suicidal tendencies, etc. are not easy things to deal with. And my words may not mean much because I am mostly always depressed in life and still socially anxious, but things will get better with our efforts to take regular medication and go to therapy.

I have faith in myself, you and everyone that things will get better for me, for you and for everyone.

I hope you got someone out of this blog post. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post.